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Flatbush Zombies member and resident producer, Erick Arc Elliott, drops off a new beat tape today! Arcstrumentals Vol. 2 makes its debut and it’s been a few years in the making. The first installment, Arcstrumentals Vol. 1 released in 2015. Since then, Elliott grew in his sound and experimentation. Between the making of these tapes, Zombies released 3001: A Laced Odyssey, went on tour and he personally began painting. 502 North Pole is the brand he created where you can purchase art, tees, and prints. Meanwhile, The Glorious Dead have also been working on their new album, Vacation In Hell, set for release in April.

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Let’s take a sec to rewind though. Elliott provides almost all of the beats we hear the Zombies on, yet when the trio started making noise, there was ambiguity regarding his role. He addresses the naysayers in D.R.U.G.S. and a bit in Better Off DEAD (re: My Team, Supreme) but he refused to let that stop him. Elliott stands his own, tenaciously, in his beats and in his lyrics. He also dropped solo projects, Noir (2010) and Almost Remembered (2011), I highly recommend them. However, let’s get back to the present.

“Never took a L, still fresh without the double X” – My Team, Supreme

Seven years later, Elliott brings us Arcstrumentals Vol 2., a culmination of those years of work he put in with the Zombies and on his own. What set this apart from Vol. 1 is the added dimension. He incorporated more of himself and his friends, allowing himself to be more vulnerable. At times, artists slip into the trap of taking themselves too seriously and forget the enjoyment in creation. Arcstrumentals Vol. 2 tells a story but lends insight to the infinite talent that Elliott possesses as well.

Arcstrumentals Vol. 2 Plus More

Arcstrumentals Vol. 2

Elliott reveals that he also DJs many different occasions in “Infomercial”, one of which is weddings. Throughout this project, we follow him as he advertises his services and gets booked for a wedding where he gets mixed up in the shenanigans of the bride and groom. However, he scores this with blend of rock, funk, hip hop and more. Meech, Juice, and A$AP Twelvyy appear spitting a verse or two as well as playing characters in this quirky wedding story. Often times, “beat tapes” are solely production but Elliott enriches Arcstrumentals Vol. 2 with a plot and verses dispersed throughout increasing its ability to engage listeners.

He pulls inspiration from The Gorillaz, Nirvana, Biggie and Bone Thugz-N-Harmony just to name a few. I find Elliott to be one of the new innovative producers who will continue to set the bar for novice producers and eventually producers of all levels.

This is 21 tracks long and I know that sounds like a harrowing experience as most projects aren’t that long anymore but this project is such an adventure. You’ll laugh and ultimately question what took yourself so long to get hip to Elliott and Beast Coast as a conglomerate. The first single “Fruit Fruit Punch in Bora Bora” released at the beginning of the month with a visual that’s available on YouTube.

Arcstrumentals Vol. 2 is available for streaming and purchase on all platforms. Head to to order a special package which includes artwork, a tee, and a physical copy of the project. I still have my cassette from the first installment and my 222 patch. Above all, Elliott makes it his business to consistently create an entire experience around his music and he goes above and beyond for Arcstrumentals Vol. 2.