My’Key Iso is setting the mood

My’Key Iso drops off new single, “Afrodisiac”. A sensuous track, this song aids in accenting the love with which you shower your sweetheart. My’Key is a rapper from Houston who’s been showing his lyrical chops with a freestyle over J. Cole’s “G.O.M.D.” and “Class Clown”. He brings us the lead single from his forthcoming project, Last Name Iso, which is set for release soon. Most times, rappers tend to shy away from releasing love songs as the first single but I believe this is a good move for My’Key. “Afrodisiac” allows him to reach a broader audience and demonstrate his ability to adapt.

Iamnobodi produced this amorous track equipped with grand piano chords, sweet percussion and sultry background vocals. My’Key’s flow rode right alongside the beat, never missing a step. “Afrodisiac” reminds me of something I’d hear from Wale, a bit more centered towards female listeners but easy to rap along to regardless of gender. From this track alone, it’s difficult to speculate what the rest of Last Name Iso may sound like. Nonetheless, My’Key puts his best foot forward with this lead single. The less predictable the project, the better but that doesn’t call for a lack of cohesion. I doubt that will be an issue for My’Key.

Who’s Your Afrodisiac?

Play this while you prepare for a romantic evening or send it to your partner as a declaration of your love. Either way, make sure you give this a spin especially when love is in the air. “Afrodisiac” is available for streaming on Soundcloud.