Maxx the Muffin Man – Every Summer Since

If you’re ever wondering where the lyricism went for rap—likely due to radio play—there’s also some new music to discover. Although not fully sharp, the message that is pressed through by Portland, Oregon college attendee, Maxx the Muffin Man. His new body of work ‘Ever Summer Since’ brings forth ideas and tales that only shows the potential that Maxx could have as he advances with his craft.

Maxx the Muffin Man Releases 'Every Summer Since' Mixtape

“I almost gave up on life,” Maxx said in a statement. “And music is what allowed me to survive. I hope this mixtape can touch you in a way that music did for me.”

The influence of the late Captial Steez is heard in Maxx’s music  and likely will continue to be heard, over time.

There’s nothing bad to take away from this project. Although, we do want artists to get better, for there is potential that can be spotted. Maxx has the story-telling element down pact. If linked with the right engineers and producers, he could be very special to music; he has stories that should be heard. In the meantime, check out his mixtape ‘Every Summer Since’ below and let us know your thoughts on Maxx’s new body of work.


1. WAVY GRAVY (Feat. C.O.B.)
2. Match Box
3. Puff is Enough (Feat. C.O.B)
4. Adderall N Cigarettes
5. Sunday Suede (Feat. C.O.B)
6. Every Summer Since
7. See What Side (Feat. C.O.B)
8. Power Nap
9. Wishing the Daze (Feat. C.O.B)