Lonny X :Bossin’ Up

Lonny X, a name with which we should acquaint ourselves. He’s a 19-year-old rapper hailing from Hartford, CT, (don’t let Diddy fool you, we have gems over here). This young man first discovered his talent in middle school, through poetry. He recalls writing poems for girls that he liked but his efforts ended up falling short. Or, so he thought. Fast forward a few years and we have an older Lonny X transitioning into making music. He’s sharpening his lyrical ability and experimenting with beats. What would his sound become? Here we are now, a more mature Lonny X setting his musical presence in stone. After his previous works landed him countless interviews, opening up for Key! and Playboy Carti, and touring across the country, Lonny continues to exceed his own expectations.

For Lonny’s fans though, he has yet to miss a beat. Full Court Press is a step to a new and more deliberate level of artistry in his catalog. His energy is still relentless, his flow is still persistent and now he’s added more direction. Last month in an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Lonny divulges that he wanted Full Court Press to be more than just music.


I felt that this project should be mostly me,” he said. “I wanted to come into the year strong and I relied on myself for that. Glad I could work with so many of my favorite producers, though.” – Lonny X for Pigeons and Planes

Full Court Pre(ssure)

This album was released this year on Jan 12th but originally was supposed to debut last year. Lonny decided to push back its release because “[he] didn’t want Full Court Press to come out any other way than it is right now”. I can only respect the decision of an artist wanting to take their time with their work. I must say, it was time well spent. A favorite track of mine is “Get Up”, produced by Baltimore native, Tek.Lun. It’s only 1:34 in length but packs an abundance heat in so little time. Per usual, Lonny comes out the gate fiercely challenging anybody to knock him off track.

“You know I’m the man / I show you the world ’cause it’s in my hands” – Get Up

Tek.Lun bodied this production by infusing more melodies and different drums patterns than what we’ve grown accustomed to hearing Lonny take on. Nonetheless, the beat still sounds like it was made for Lonny and his style. I think this was a necessary shift in sound for him to make as it broadens his audience but also expands his talent as well. There was only one feature, JusLoveHall on “Moment” and “Changing Up”. Gravez and Tek.Lun produced most of the project but blvc svnd and Fortune snagged a couple of tracks as well.

Full Court Press is available on all streaming platforms and is available to purchase. Follow Lonny X on twitter to stay updated @lonny860