You know, Gambino, Childish Gambino, he’s like a mastermind.

It’s a scramble (at times) to find all of your Childish Gambino music needs in one place. You jump from Apple Music-to-Spotify-to-TIDAL and still won’t find Glover’s entire discography. Luckily, that begins to end, tonight.

Childish Gambino and his , Wolf + Rothstein company have announced that Gambino’s 2011, 5-track EP will be available on all streaming platforms. Gambino and his crew have partnered with Stem for the re-release of this project.

“Artists should never be in the position where the industry hinders their creative output,” Gambino’s manager, Wolf Taylor, informs Billboard. “Our goal is to give our artists the ability to release content when and where they want. Partnering with Stem has allowed us to maintain our major label resources while providing us with a platform to independently release our special projects.”

Now available for stream, we can take a dive into the nostalgic waters that Gambino has allowed us to swim in, once again. It’s another source to cite when referencing the chemistry of Ludwig Göransson and Childish.


  1. Be Alone
  2. Freaks and Geeks
  3. My Shine
  4. Lights Turned On
  5. Not Going Back