CEO of Producer Collective 808Godz, Will Major Talks Meeting The Migos and Placement on Culture II

Last week, I got a chance to catch-up with producer Will Major. Major is a 27-year-old, New Jersey native and CEO of producer group 808Godz. They had a placement on the Migos’ Culture and currently have a placement on their latest album Culture II with the previously released MLK Day snippet, “Culture National Anthem.”

Who exactly are the 808Godz

“It started with two other guys — I went solo carrying the name by myself. I produce under Will Major now and I am the CEO of 808Godz.”

808Godz consists of Will himself along with StaccDaGreatest. Fellow producer Figure Made It also contributed to the record.

I asked Will how the creative process behind the beat went down:

“Well, the beat started with a simple melodic piano loop from Figurez. I sent it over to StaccDaGreatest to lay down some dope counter melodies including flutes, arps and a choir which sounded official. I topped it off by adding the drums, mixing the beat and arranging it.”

“It’s different from other beats out there — an instant hit if you ask me.”

So, the 808Godz had their hit, they just needed to get it in the hands of the right artist. Will talked about how the Migos got a hold of the beat and how they ultimately ended up using it:

“Yeah, I went out to LA for The Set Gala and met the gang in person. I chilled in the mansion they had for a couple of days. When I was leaving Quavo told me to leave a pack if I wanted to be on Culture II.”

Let this be a lesson to aspiring producers — you need to get out and network in person if you want beat placements.

So Will left a pack of beats for Quavo and a few weeks later…

“…DJ Durel hit me up on Instagram and said, bro, I got a gift for you stay tuned…”

“Once he said that I knew what it was. I’m just excited to be a part of Culture I & II! ”

Make sure you guys check out Migos full-length album Culture II out NOW. Also, the 808Godz produced record “Culture National Anthem.”