Justine Skye: The Purple Unicorn

Justine Skye, cultivating her career since those days of us incessantly reblogging and fawning over Tumblr beauties such as herself. With her beauty came talent as she also introduced us to her voice. Skye uploaded videos to YouTube covering popular songs like “Dirty Diana” and “Headlines. She released her first EP Everyday Living in 2013. From there, Skye continued to establish her sound. Whether Justine Skye is a novel name to you or you’ve been a fan since Tumblr, Ultraviolet is an emphatic introduction to the Brooklyn-born singer.

Skye’s music landed her a spot on the illustrious Roc Nation record label led by Jay-Z, in 2016. We would begin seeing Justine Skye’s name and face in partnership with our favorite brands: Forever 21, Coca-Cola, and MAC Cosmetics. She, with her signature purple tresses, hit the ground running after signing her deal. It took two years to write and record Ultraviolet in between touring, performing and working with other brands. In an interview with Elle, Skye recounts how she ended up making two albums during this process. She recalls how “[they] literally started from scratch, scrapped every song that [they] did, and now I have a complete body of work that [she’s] so proud of”. Trusting yourself is the alpha and the omega of the tumultuous “process”.

“There’s different shades of purple, and ultraviolet, I feel, is the most vibrant and most powerful, and it’s the highest frequency.” – Justine Skye for Elle

 Ultraviolet and Unbothered

Justine Skye is blossoming into her own woman and her own artist. Ultraviolet resounds as her ascension to a new level of her purpose. This album carries a few songs rooted in her last relationship and the process of getting over it. She enlisted help with songwriting from PARTYNEXTDOOR as well. Direct your attention to “You Got Me”, a bouncy testament to Skye’s beau being a man of his word. It’s a refreshing moment when a person comes into your life and means what they say but also adds value. What I appreciate about Skye and PND working together is that you recognize his signature cadence yet her sound still shines through. You may also hear PND’s actual vocals because you are as he contributed to background vocals as well. Bizness Boi effortlessly created a sonic blueprint that fuses R&B and pop, tailored to enhance the sweetness of Skye’s voice. This album includes features from Jeremih and Wizkid as well.

Ultraviolet dropped Jan. 19th and can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. You can also watch the videos for “Goodlove” and “Don’t Think About It” on YouTube.