Ohio artist Y.G.K. puts us in his “state of mind” on new album

There’s plenty of music out there that embodies the “90s sound” that people everso crave. The proof, you ask? Well, it’s here in Y.G.K.’s body of work, State of Mind. Keeping it in line with boom-bap rap, Y.G.K. is telling his story throughout the 14-track album.

Although only 23 years age, Y.G.K. structures his bars in a way that makes you think he’s beyond such a young age.

Interview excerpt with DeadEndHipHop:

After I dropped my first project Long Overdue in 2015 I felt like I could’ve been more transparent. I Wanted people to feel where I’m coming from anytime I released a song or project because I go about music like therapy. I had already been a couple records deep into the creation process when Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly dropped, but after I heard it definitely inspired me, even more, to really do what I felt. The way he went about crafting that album was a real spark for me.