pat junior feat. Jodi – the ride (music video)

North Carolina artist pat junior is giving his visuals just as much effort as he’s giving his music. pat merges traditional rap with today’s current sound; it’s the perfect combination.

The inspiration of this piece came in light of many recent successes (Hopscotch Festival, a cover of Indy Weekly, collaboration with Synopsis of Kooley High), and the positive and negative climate changes of relationships I have with peers and the general public on the scene. The record most definitely inspired the visual. I wanted to capture what my ‘rides would look like in real life. A confessional that’s sometimes by myself and sometimes with the homies.

pat has a unique perspective and he voices his thoughts and charismatic aura through art.

I want to inspire people to let their steam off in secluded areas instead of to the wrong people. I tend to gather my thoughts on life and various situations while I’m driving, hence ‘the ride. I even vent out loud to myself sometimes (I promise I’m not crazy haha).

Featuring Jodi, check out the music video above and let us know what you think of it.