Sylvan LaCue – Coffee Break (music video)

Sylvan LaCue has quietly but assertedly released a great body of work, with his independent Sophomore effort, Apologies in AdvanceVulnerability and healing at its finest, LaCue finds strength behind his weaknesses.

The album was released on Jan. 12 and Sylvan has come back with brand new visuals for the album’s standout track, “Coffee Break.”

My team & I wanted to return back quickly once the album dropped. We put a lot of effort into rolling out singles so we could bring in as many new listeners as possible leading up to the release, & we didn’t want to let go of that energy. I feel like outside of the singles we’ve already released, Coffee Break is a song that I would play someone if they wanted to know what Apologies in Advance was all about. Essentially for those who may or may not be thinking of listening to the album, hopefully, this will take that curiosity over the edge in a positive way.