Sometimes all you need is some feel good music to completely change your mindset on life. Rostrum Records really have a gem on their hands with FREEWIFI. The trio will deliver their debut album Connected at the top of February, the 2nd to be more exact. Their latest single is a feel good anthem, which all came about thanks to the beat, a backwood and a long drive. See what member Daddy Dinero had to say about the record and it’s creation below, then even further below press play and enjoy.

“I was driving around going through beats, enjoying life over a backwood. Immediately when the beat came on, the first phrase that came from my mouth was,
‘Damn I just took off.’ Immediately, I went home and laid it down. I wrote hook around our current situation. Life is great. Creating our own lane elevated us to the next level. As a result, we took off and don’t plan on slowing down. I played it for the rest of the group and they thought it banged, so they hopped in the booth and killed that shit.”

Via: HHDX.