What’s His Name?! Bishop Nehru, to be exact.

The 21-year-old spitter from New York is back with his latest mixtape, Emperor Nehru’s New Groove. This name, so fitting, as he tests novel sounds and flows. However, we still are granted the nostalgia from the influence of Disney’s movie, Emperor’s New Groove. I still love this movie and couldn’t help but be excited that Nehru developed a 15-track project around it. Conceptual projects are his forte and the direction this one takes is skillful to say the least.

“Its crazy I’m building boards / With these pens like its Pinterest
Using my six senses / So I can show ’em what sense is”Emperor Nehru’s New Groove

With each track comes an audio sample from the film that coincides and Nehru does his part, lyrically, to hold the theme. “The Actor$ Elixir” opens with Yzma giving a toast to Kuzco (whose name was replaced by Nehru’s). That sample alone sets the tone for the song which one could presume is watch the company around you. Yzma was Kuzco’s advisor whom he fired for consistently trying to take his throne. Full of rage, she plots to kill him by poisoning him. Nehru creates the parallel to real life in which we encounter people seemingly on our team who plot on our downfall. This song produced by ALLTHESEFINGERS who kept it simple with swelling strings and boom bap drums. Nehru’s lyrics glides over them with ease as he drops gems from personal experiences.

“So fuck slippin’ / Y’all niggas gettin’ revealed / Most could barely keep a mind / So how can they teach a skill? – The Actor$ Elixir

Don’t Throw Off His Groove

Emperor Nehru’s New Groove possesses a playfulness, but some heavy lessons learned mirroring the film. In the same fashion, as we move through the mixtape, there is a major theme at which we arrive. There must be a balance between selfishness and selflessness. It is important to protect ourselves against those who wish upon our downfall. Yet, it’s equally imperative that we don’t let misfortune deter us from sharing knowledge and spreading love.

You can find Emperor Nehru’s New Groove on all platforms. Whichever one you choose, make sure you listen closely and enjoy the ride.