Yaysh – Daep

When listening to music, I always try to get a general ear for the artist’s tone and feel of what it is they’re displaying. It’s a hard line to balance out and it gets difficult in times where you can’t tell if an artist is actually tone deaf or actually does twist melodies in a certain way on purpose.

As I listen to Denver-to-Los Angeles artist Yaysh, there seems to be a mixture of both confusion and clarity; no lines can be drawn. Because the lines are drawn, it distracts the listener from making an analysis about what it is they’re listening to, which is okay.

Hip-Hop/Pop Artist Yaysh Releases Unorthodox Single, "Daep"

“I’m weird. I have a teacher and everything and belong to a lineage called Shambhala Buddhism and I also sing and rap mainstream shit,” Yaysh explained. I am about to waking up and helping this world, and being authentic. Much of the teachings I study are about regarding this world we live in as sacred and seeing society as a fabric of wakefulness.”

The music takes on a different range after learning more information about Yaysh; her choice of melodies, vocals, and production makes more sense now.

As Yaysh grew up mainly in Denver, Colorado, her music influence began in her early teenage years. Yaysh encountered parts of life that nobody could teach her, with the exception of life, happening and occurring. For Yaysh, “music and meditation equaled freedom.

Check out her single “Daep” below and form your own thoughts on the song.