MikeyyAustin – Dark Liquor

Hailing from Michigan, MikeyyAustin gets ahead of the curve off of pure passion, alone. His drive to make sure that his visuals are just as good (if not better than) the actual music is impressive, especially in today’s music climate.

Highlighting a recent trip to Washington D.C., Mikeyy shows how gentrification has played a role in the city’s changes.

MikeyyAustin Returns with Visuals for his Packy, James Gardin and Phourthelove-Assisted Single, “Rock Steady”

“We met a man named Carleton, a homeless street artist who once lived on H St, but the districts “renovations”, increase on property taxes and rent, and new homes/businesses catered towards middle-class and business professionals forced him and many others out,” Mikeyy explained in a statement. He now sells his paintings at the corner of what used to be his home, in hopes of small dollars for food for the day. Art4Sale is about taking our realities and painting a picture others can identify with or bring awareness to the uninformed.”

For his new body of work (Art4Sale), Mikeyy is delivering a mixtape that speaks on social issues, incarceration, police brutality and much more. “Dark Liquor” is only the beginning.

Check out the music video below.