R&B: 9 songs, 9 Artists

2017 brought us a diversified list of artists. Some were hidden on various blogs, while others shined through. Nonetheless, there were some really cool songs that came by way of R&B artists who aren’t too known, but still have an incredible fan base; their true breakout year should be coming right up.

From these 9 artists, I’ve come up with a song from each artist that I believe you should check out. Some of you may already be familiar with them, as their fan base continues to grow in big numbers. This may serve as an introductory for others.

2016-2017 took R&B into a different direction. I expect the same next year.

ELI SOSTRE9 R&B Songs From 2017 You Should Hear From 9 Artists You Should Get to Know

From: New York

Song: When The Night Comes

Album: Sleep Is For The Weak

I started my Eli Sostre music journey back in 2013-2014, during ventures with Amir Obé. When listening to this artists, there’s authentication in each release, for he tells his own stories. Having such a refined ear for production, that takes his music to a level that nobody else can reach. He does what ever other artist tries to do but does it very well. “When The Night Comes” is produced by Soriano.


From: Ireland

Song: Flowers

Album: N/A

I was introduced to the Dublin group known as Hare Squead through GoldLink. GoldLink featured Hare Squeed’s “Herside Story” and added in his own verses to fit the direction of the song. From there, it was discovering that not only can these gentlemen sing, they bring a unique spin to music. I’m looking forward to what they’ll bring next year.


photo: X Sharp Shooter (Instagram)

From: Philiedelphia

Song: Such Things

Album: N/A

Through Twitter connections, I connected with Simba Amir, an aritst of Philly who’s work ethic will not go unnoticed. Throughout the year, Simba has released plenty od music and spaced it out well. I think he’s coming more into his own as the year closes out, examined by “Such Things,” a slow and sensual jam to keep the night flowing with ease.


photo: briefcasebarry (Instagram)

From: New York

Song: Livin’

Album: N/A

Blogging keeps me up on new artists quite often. Blogging led me to Alex Mali, Brooklyn aritst who has a voice that can launch into multiple vocal ranges. In 2016, BLUNTIQ premiered her track “Phenom” and she has excelled since. “Livin” only tips the scale of what Alex can do.


From: Texas

Song: Orange

Album: N/A

Again, blogging became a way for me to connect to many artists across the globe. Bringing his talents from Texas, we have MALIK, a hybrid of an artist who found a new route to take in 2017. Less swag in terms of being in the rap realm, MALIK has let his voice reign supreme. Pink, Red, Orange, and Yellow became the spectrum of colors to which he delivered stories and clairty. 2018, expect muisc in this direction but heigtened to another degree.


From: San Antonio

Song: Runnin’ Around

Album: Pink Lightning EP

2016, December, I had my Spotify on a playlist. After the playlist finishes, Spotify will continue playing music similar to what you were listening to. “Blind Man” from Xavier Omär comes on and I’m instantly hooked. Moving into 2017, Omär showed his ass off with his Lightning EP. Not only is his voice set in the right tone, the selection of production ties in perfectly. 2018 shall be an interesting year for Xavier; leveling up more and more.


From: New York

Song: Say Less

Album: N/A

Ilham’s management reached out to me last month (Novemeber) to let me hear her first single ever, “Say Less.” Ilham is the perfect example of how you don’t need a ton of followers to get your music heard, you just need a cool product and a team behind you that believes in what you’re doing. I predict Ilham and her team going above and beyond in 2018.


From: Bay Area

Song: Way Back

Album: Morning After EP

I stumbled on Rayana’s music through D.C. artist Innanet James. The two came together for a track on her Morning After EP and I freely dove into her music from there. Although I don’t know too much about her, I’m looking forward to seeing what she puts together for 2018. I did just dive into her Sorry About Last Night project from 2016 and that’s just as impressive as recent work.


photo: Mark P (instagram)

From: Maryland

Song: Talk 2 U

Album: Sonder Son

Brent Faiyaz began his 2017 strong. The group Sonder and Brent released their debut EP Into and Brent took off running with his “Crew” hook. It was the set up for Sonder Son, Brent’s debut album and an introduction to most. Brent’s popularity is rising, but there’s much growth that we have yet to experience, there’s more to his story, I feel it.