Dotty and Bobbi Lewis come together for “Beautiful” single

Dotty and Bobbi Lewis team up for this reassuring single titled “Beautiful.” With production that brings in a calm and soothing mood, there’s a confidence-building sentiment that sits at the top of this track.

As he unleashed this single, getting some background information on this hardworking artist was essential; refreshing to get another person’s perspective and how they arrived at certain points in life.

Check out our interview below.

Selfish/selfless: Describe what type of person you are?

This would have to be a question that my peers answer but I’m sure they would say that I’m selfless. I grew up in a place where no one had much so now that we’ve got a little more than we had, the best thing to do is to share it as you know what the feeling of going without much is like.

Where did you grow up? What’s it like where you’re from?

I grew up in Thornton Heath in south London; this is literally the home of the superstars. So many people I grew up around are now doing major things in the entertainment business. It wasn’t always like this though: Thornton Heath is the same as any other area or hood, you’ve got the good and the bad unfortunately I slipped into the bad but always kept my mother’s morals in my head. There’s not many blocks or estates in Thornton heath so majority of the time you’ll just see groups of people out on the main road or an a park or something, it’s kind of changed now but that’s how it was when I was growing up.

U.K. Artist Dotty Talks Growing up in London, Sanity, Music Background, and More


Who are some of your favorite U.K. artists? Who are some of your favorite U.S. artists?

In the UK I would have to say A2, Bonkaz, Wretch 32, Jhus, Yung Bane, Kano and Giggs. If you haven’t heard their music you should there dope!

In the USA I would say Meek Mill, J cole, Jay Z, Migos, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. All of them artist are somewhat different but very dope in their individual lanes.

How long have you been working on music? What got you into music?

I wrote my first lyric when I was about 9. I would say I’ve had a love for making music for about 15 – 18 years but I’ve only taken it serious in the last 10-11 months. My friends dad had a studio in his house so we use to go there and record loads of songs/ freestyle there, I think that’s where my passion for writing came from.

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What keeps you sane?

The music! This is where I vent and let it all out, I’m usually the one trying to uplift everyone so they assume that I’m cool but that’s not always the case so letting it all out on the mic is my way of keeping sane.