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Brampton native, Roy Woods, stepped onto the scene with his breakthrough track, Drama ft. Drake. This led to his signing to OVO Sound record label and since then, created well crafted projects. It would be remiss not to acknowledge that since his debut EP, Exis, boss man Drake has yet to make another feature. This appears a bit negligent on his part as he gave the initial cosign; it may convey a lack of artist development. Not just that, but there is also the notion that he siphons music from his artists for his own gains. Nonetheless, Woods stands strongly on his own and continues to experiment and push past his own boundaries. Such is true with Say Less, that he released on the first of this month.

If you haven’t heard his previous project, I definitely suggest taking a listen. There’s apparent growth in his sound but still remains true to his message of love. From his vocals alone, you hear the influence of Michael Jackson as well as label mate, PartyNextDoor. He’s also attested to The Weeknd being an influence as well. As R&B continues to evolve and expand, Woods creates a space for himself. There is not one sole part of himself that he incorporates in his art but instead a composite of his family, culture, and hometown. In a recent interview with The Fader, he shared his experiences growing up around women and what they taught him.

I understand a lot of things more than most men would, because I’ve spent so much time with women since a young age. I’m sensitive.” – Roy Woods for The Fader


Say Less

This is his fourth project overall, but his first studio album. Throughout his work, we feel and hear that sensitivity and love he spoke about and it sets that sensual yet serene vibe. Mood music is his cup of tea and Say Less can set the mood whether you’re accompanied by your partner or setting the scene for some personal time. What I find to commendable about this album is the spectrum of sounds in the production. Fusions of pop, hip hop and R&B provide a sonic mosaic for a variety of moods and emotions. A personal favorite is “Balance”, a mellow groove produced by Nineteen85 and features dvsn and PnB Rock. The beat has enough bounce which is perfect to get the hips moving. He recounts the stress he experiences with his lady. Woods attempts to quell the bubbling issues that keep surfacing but every conversation ends in them more frustrated than the last. There seems to be trust issues or insecurities because nothing he says brings her comfort.

“Don’t talk too much, don’t laugh too much / Every time we link up it’s a drama ting with you, girl” – Roy Woods in Balance

Dvsn joins him on the hook and PnB Rock takes the second verse riding out the melody and complementing the vibe of the track. He shared with The Fader that his sister created the album art for this project and how they both have a love for the arts.

He recently released a video for “Monday to Monday” and is live on YouTube. Say Less is available for stream and download on Apple Music and Spotify.