Grace Weber – Elated

Grace Weber’s track record is impressive and impelled her to go further with a music career. So, now we’re here, with the second single from her upcoming debut album, slated for an early 2018 release.

“Elated” follows up the first single of “More Than Friends.”


Grace Weber, Her Manager Binta, and the Potential That Still Unravels With Time

Good spirited music is a continuous theme in Weber’s music; open, vulnerable, and boasts tons of confidence from vocal performances.

Chicago-based singer Jamila Woods was a key piece in finishing the new single.Grace Weber Releases "Elated" Single From Upcoming Debut Album

“Jamila was choosing a couple of [melodies]… that I don’t usually choose, in a really good way,” Weber said in Billboard interview. “Those little rhythmic things helped me really, like, dance with the song.”

Nico Segel’s touches on the track caps off the wonders that deserve praise for a rightfully titled track.