Shy Glizzy’s 2017 has been fairly quiet, aside from “Crew” with Brent Faiyaz and GoldLink. The quiet year was a build up to the project we now have, Quiet Storm. Arguably one of Glizzy’s strongest releases, full of music and key features that fit the landscape of what sonically made sense.

Quiet Storm is complete with 18 tracks, featuring Zaytoven, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Dave East, Glizzy Gang, Trey Songz, and more. The project is led by “Take Me Away,” produced by TM88, a song that comes after the murder of fellow Glizzy Gang member 30 Glizzy.

During his recent interview with Billboard, Glizzy, born Marquis Amonte King, he talked about D.C. and what he means to his city, 37th and beyond.

Excerpt from the interview:

What’s the vibe like in D.C., especially with Trump in the White House?

I don’t even get the Trump vibe. I am Trump in D.C. The environment I’m in, they don’t even get caught up in that, because he ain’t helping us. They looking up to me to help that situation, so it’s like I don’t even get caught up in the politics. Like, for me, I’m just active. The same guy I’ve been. They just treat me with more royalty because of the stuff that I’m on now, but for the most part, people already know how me and my crew get down. It’s really just the same as it’s always been.

What kind of optimism are you giving the kids out there?

They watching, you know what I’m saying? Everybody go through their situations. I been doing stuff for my community, but you know, the environment I come from, people over the top of me. Like certain law systems, they don’t like to see that type of thing because I had run-ins with the law. I’m from a crazy environment where different stuff goes down, so they don’t expect me and my peers to always be off the chain. That’s when we come in and prove our worth.

We about to throw a free show. I want to start an organization, too. I been thinking about it lately. So you know, that should help a lot of kids in my city. But I really feel as though I influence a lot of the music out there.

Stream the project below and let us know your thoughts.

1. “Quiet Storm” Feat. Bigga Rankin (Prod. Doughboy)
2. “Get Jiggy” (Prod. Zaytoven)
3, “Make It Out” (Prod. Balik & Trauma Tone)
4. “More Clips” (Prod. Yung Lan & Trauma Tone)
5. “Dope Boy Magic” Feat. Trey Songz & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Prod. A Wall)
6. “One Day” (Prod. Zaytoven)
7. “Haters Anthem” Feat. 30 Glizzy & 3 Glizzy (Prod. Geraldo Live)
8. “Blow A Bag” (Prod. Goose)
9. “Get It Again” Feat. Dave East (Prod. Cardo)
10.”First 48″ (Prod. Young Lan & Izze)
11.”Keep It Going” (Prod. Doughboy)
12.”Get Away” (Prod. Geraldo Live)
13.”Paper Soldiers” Feat. Goo Glizzy & DF Gizzle (Prod. Geraldo Live)
14.”Handle The Truth” (Prod. Balik)
15.”Lovin Me” (Prod. Geraldo Live)
16.”Shank” (Prod. Geraldo Live)
17.”GG Worldwide” (Prod. Traume Tone)
18.”Take Me Away” (Prod. TM88 & Rex Kudo)