Gucci Mane and Southside for El Gato The Human Glacier

If 2017 wasn’t Gucci Mane’s year, then I don’t know who else’s it could have been because this man has been on a roll. His roll continues to spread as he prepares the release of another album, slated for a Dec. 22 release date.

El Gato The Human Glacier is the follow-up album to Gucci and Metro Boomin’s Droptopwop album, a collaborative effort on behalf of both parties. For El Gato, Gucci grabs longtime producer/collaborator Southside.

Southside and Metro synced production and did “Met Gala” for Guwop and Offset. When Southside locks in the studio, it can be the most creative and quick experience. Gucci and Southside locked in the studio for two days and came out with ten tracks. The ten tracks make up El Gato The Human Glacier album.

Update: Track-list (via)
1. Just Like It ft. 21 Savage
2. Rich Ass Junkie
3. Peepin Out The Blinds
4. Dickriders
5. Malls
6. Side Effects
7. TYT
8. Sea Sick
9. Smiling In The Drought
10. El Gato’s Revenge
11. Strep Throat
12. Southside And Guwop
13. Off The Boat