Smarten Up!

Emerging emcee, Cipherella, dropped off a new video for her single Dumb Dumb”. She makes sure to come correct with her lyrics and visuals as she speaks on the obsession with celebrity gossip. The fascination with their personal lives grows while the interest in more pressing matters diminishes. This isn’t just apparent in consumers but also within the media outlets. Day in and day out, we end up digesting the problems of those in the spotlight. More often than not, we can’t relate nor does it affect us directly. Nonetheless, we eat it up. Cipherella’s calling out the fact that this consumption causes us to lose sight of what really matters.

“I wrote ‘Dumb Dumb’ to express my frustrations with the dumbing down of society. I loath tabloid journalism and reality television, and hope people can find truth in more meaningful things. Hopefully viewers will connect with my message.” – Cipherella

Cipherella weaves her social and political views into her work via thought-provoking bars and magnetic production. Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, she made her way to New York in 2013 after a tornado destroyed her home. From that, she emerged renewed with more drive and ambition to channel into her music. Her talent landed her in various publications and as a host for NuYorican Poets café’s open mic nights. She draws inspiration from MC Lyte, Erykah Badu and Missy Elliott. These women set the bar for female artists by staying true to self and provided a voice for their communities. She’s been featured on Sway’s Friday Fire Cypher and will be at his 2017 Doomsday Cypher at YouTube Studios in NYC on Dec. 14th.

Press Play

“Dumb Dumb” features and all female cast and crew. Cipherella is accompanied by her friends as they move through the city breaking out in dance and having a good time. The video was filmed by Zoe Map and she does a great job in creating a vivid and dynamic visual. Watch “Dumb Dumb” below and stay updated with Cipherella by logging into