Sylvan Lacue is introspectively giving us all life

Sylvan Lacue will be releasing his anticipated LP Apologies in Advance on Jan. 12 of 2018. The album will follow up last spring’s efforts of  Far From Familiar, a project by Lacue. Lacue delivers reflection, introspection, and clear-cut delivery throughout the base of his output. His latest, “5:55,” is no exception to the formula.

4:44” deeply inspired my upcoming album “Apologies in Advance”. “5:55” is my answer to Jay’s “4:44,” Lacue explained in a statement.  “Spiritually speaking, “4:44” means to have a spiritual awakening. “5:55” means you’re ready for massive change. This song is a bonus cut, but it also serves as a resolve to everything you hear on the album. Because of the darkness, I feel we’re experiencing on earth right now, it’s important we remember that we have to be the light we want to see exist around us. That means showing up. Even when you’re not at your best. Even when it’s dark outside.”

Watch the music video below for “5:55” and let us know your thoughts on the visual.