Bizness Boi Talks Grammys and Working with 6LACK

Bizness Boi, the producer from Milwaukee was sitting at PARTYNEXTDOOR’s house in the 13th hour of a studio session— working on the Toronto singer’s upcoming album—when he received a twitter mention. It was his good friend Hi Jackson, HOLY SHIT MY BROTHER @Bizness_Boi is Grammy Nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked him about the moment and what it felt like to now be a Grammy-nominated producer:

“It’s crazy cause I was at PARTYNEXTDOOR’s house when I found out! We were in a 13-hour session grinding working on his album. It was like 6 or 7 am when my bro Hi Jackson tweeted me … It was surreal to be Grammy Nominated! I knew it would come one day but never knew when or which artist I would be nominated with. It’s a blessing that it was with 6LACK tho. That’s my brother from another!”A Conversation with Grammy-Nominated Producer Bizness Boi

Flashback to Spring 2016, Bizness is on his way to Malibu Beach and hears 6LACK’s hit single PRBLMS for the first time. He immediately purchased the record. Biz remembers telling his friend and fellow producer Th3ory that he needed to work with 6LACK, the then up and coming singer from Atlanta.

“When I first PRBLMS I was a fan! I heard it while heading to Malibu Beach. I automatically bought the track. I told my bro Th3ory ‘Yo I’m going to work with this dude he’s fire.’ “

Flash-forward to over a year later and 6LACK’s debut album FREE 6LACK has been Grammy nominated as one of the “Best Urban Contemporary Albums” of the last year. Just like he said he would, Bizness Boi worked with 6LACK and produced one of the best records on the project “MTFU.”

I asked Bizness how his relationship with 6LACK came about and what went into making the record:

“A week later (after hearing “PRBLMS”) my bro Loshendrix had a session with him and played our collabs. He was rocking with them and we followed each other that same night. Me and FWDSLXSH made the “MTFU” beat and we sent it over to Singawd (6LACK’s main producer) and he loved it. He hit me a few days later and said ‘Yo I’m going to use this for the album.’ The rest is history.”

I’ve been following Bizness Boi for a little while now since he produced a few records on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s 2016 project PND 3.

He also works a lot with LA-based singer Ye Ali. He has a new album coming out which I asked Bizness about it. “[We] are finishing his second album “TrapHouseJodeci 2,” Biz said. ” It’s going to be CRAZY! Been experimenting with different sounds and grooves.”

Bizness Boi has established himself has a premier producer for a lot of your favorite young artists. He has a lot of things in the works with the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR, 6LACK, Kid Ink, Bryson Tiller and many more. Words from the man himself, “Stay tuned 😎.”

You can check out 6LACK’s Bizness Boi produced record “MTFU” below.

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