Motor Sport, gold

Migos’ Culture II album is set to arrive sometime in January. Looking to kick off the beginning of the year once again, as they did previously with the first Culture album, the trio will continue to show their strong consistency with their output. That consistency comes backed by their single “Motor Sport.”

Announced by Quavo on social media, “Motor Sport” has officially gone gold. It didn’t take long for the Cardi B and Nick Minaj-assisted single to reach such heights. The song certainly drew listeners in with the production by Murda Beatz, but also the fact that both Nicki and Cardi were on a track together.

This ultimately led to Nicki stating that when she heard the song, it only had Quavo on the song. If anyone knows anything about Migos’ recording formula, it’s not necessarily formulated. Offset may do a hook and a verse while he’s in the studio and then the Quavo and Takeoff will begin working on it. Much like that example, this is how we ended up with the song “Motor Sport.”

Still waiting for the certification from the RIAA, but according to Quavo, who just keeps on receiving platinum-achieved hits, the single is gold. The music video is set to arrive this Friday, Dec. 1.