Ludacris: Word of Mouf

16 years ago today an album came out that changed our lives forever. The verses included country slang, yelling, and a superb amount of vulgarity that wasn’t allowed in my home but was adored in my room. It wasn’t just the brash disposition of the voice on the other side of those words that caught our attention. He’s been a familiar friend. But the innovative videos that accompanied the tracks along with the biggest road rage anthem made this LP a classic. The year 2001. The album? Word of Mouf.

The triple-platinum hit brought to us by that man named Ludacris is his top-selling album to date. We were introduced to songs like “Area Codes,” Roll Out” and who can forget the beloved and widely appreciated “Move B****.” There was no way this one wasn’t going to smash the charts. With help from Swizz Beats, Timberland and Jazzy Pha (if you are a little younger and aren’t aware, these three basically dominated the production game in the late 90’s and early 00’s) Word of Mouf solidified the South as a home for chart-topping rap music. Tracks off the Grammy-nominated project have been and still are played in television shows, movies, clubs all over the world.

One of my all-time favorite songs is “Move B****.” My father has a temper and I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. As a child, I hated traffic.  I couldn’t stand slow drivers, still can’t. So I always loved when my dad drove fast. He has had road rage since I can remember and so have I. When I first heard the ode to those who drive with no sense of urgency, I immediately thought of one person. My dad. I had to make him listen. He would appreciate the song. As soon as my dad picked me up on a Tuesday, we got in the car, I turned to 97.9 the Box (Houston stand up.) As soon as the beat dropped, it was a wrap. Instant entertainment. He felt the lyrics just as I thought he would.

The rest is history. For the past 16 years, road ragers from all walks of life have sung this anthem with pride knowing they aren’t alone. Whenever you’re in traffic (which will probably be this evening as you’re leaving work) and need a special tune to relate to, turn on that timeless record and let Luda, I-20, and Mystikal ease your mind.