Cam’s Back! – The Program

Harlem legend, Cam’ron, dropped off a new mixtape on Nov. 10th called The Program. This is his latest project since his Contraband EP with Berner in 2015. If you forgot why he’s renowned, then consider this project your reminder. The Dipset front man consistently held his own throughout his solo career and continues to do so. The Program stays true to his lifestyle flow, arrogant lyrics and brazen honesty. This new project is a pleasant surprise; it appeared as though he had plans to retire from rapping. Regardless, it feels good to hear him back in the booth creating a full-length piece of work again.

We know Cam’ron is a top-tier shit talker and he’s got much to say on The Program. He put together 15 tracks of anecdotes, life lessons and quick stunts. With production by Just Blaze, ADM, Araab Muzik and more, we get a sound profile full of nostalgia. Cam’ron raps in such a way that you almost think he can’t be serious, in regards to the stories he shares. In the same breath, you know he’s absolutely serious. That adds the streak of comedy in his music that we’ve grown to love and appreciate.

Yeah, we play but believe it ain’t no game kid / Hopped off the elevator, aimed it at that lame lid” – Cam’ron on It’s Killa

Get with The Program

I believe that’s the overarching message of this mixtape. Don’t act like you don’t know what time it is when Killa’s around. Track five is titled “Lean” and no, he isn’t speaking about a love for Actavis. However, this song doles out a narrative of introspection as Cam’ron recalls the harder times in his life.

“I’ma warn ya / In your circle don’t mean that they in your corner / Almost was a goner, 10 years for marijuana” – Cam’ron on Lean

Rek produced this track and sampled “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers, which further enforces the message that you can depend on Cam’ron to stay strong. He chronicles moments where he didn’t have much to lean on but himself. This made him a stronger, more resourceful person especially dealing with a parent addicted to drugs. Poverty breaks you and he recalls times when he had to hustle to make ends meet. With his freedom and life compromised, a decision needed to be made. Cam’ron made a way through no way and “so the streets honor me, humble, believe I’m on it“. Since the project’s release, Ma$e came out the cut and dropped a diss track called The Oracle. It’s rekindled their 20+ year beef from which the fire still seemed to burn. Cam’ron released his response last night, Dinnertime, and folks have had much to say

The Program is available on Apple Music and Spotify. Take a listen and get your mind right.