Jaden Smith and his SYRE process

Jaden Smith’s album SYRE is a cinematic soundscapes that branches off and becomes its own entity in time. From the first track, “Blue,” which took Jaden over three years to complete, he’s letting us know that this a craft he takes serious. Jaden recently spoke with Complex about the album, artists who influence him, and his overall goal with his music.

“[Blue is] the one that took three years,” Jaden said. “That’s why the whole album took three years. That was the one that really delayed the whole process– and made the album really worth it in my eyes.”

On the album, Blue is broken up into four tracks, each titled as such: B, L, U, E.

The music we digest today and the way in which we do it, is much different that in the 80’s and 90’s. Heck, it’s much different that 2010. Jaden’s dad Will Smith is one of Jaden’s influences and Jaden wants to drive home a positive message.

“Just [my dad’s] message, if you look at my dad’s music and then you look at music that’s being played now, it’s such a vast difference. I feel like people really lost that positive message and I really wanna bring that back. The positivity. It’s hard to have positivity in a world like this, but I’m trying to get it through in the music, somehow.”

Peep Jaden’s full interview with Complex here and stream SYRE below.