Dave B

It Always Rains in Seattle

The downpours are frequent, but this doesn’t dampen the talent that grows out there. Dave B released a new EP this past Friday titled Pearl. He is wonderfully skilled and versatile with his sound. With each project or song he releases, the growth presents itself in new ways. This consists of more distinctive production, different flows, and new subject matter. Pearl is a lovely mosaic of soul, rock, jazz and hip hop of course.

The album prior to this one, Tomorrow, also offers a multitude of sounds and entirely produced by Sango. It debuted last year. They stayed true to Dave’s versatility as he showcased different facets of his life. What differs between Tomorrow and Pearl is the presence of more love. This doesn’t mean love wasn’t present at all but the focus shifted. Tomorrow spoke on a loss of love for someone else and acquiring more love for self. Dave took us through his journey with the help of Sango to convey these trials. The overall tone of Tomorrow presented as melancholy, much like a rainy day. The rain isn’t ideal however, it has yet to become a storm. Sango performs remarkably by scoring the fluctuation of moods and emotions. There are a couple sunny days sprinkled throughout the dewy week that is Tomorrow.


One Word, Sounds Like: Pearl

I used to act cool / But when I found a good woman, didn’t know what to do” – Dave B on Sweetest Thing

Think of Pearl as the new week with the sun shining during the day or the comfort of a warm sweater in the chill of the night. He appointed Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz and Darius Rios to man the boards in terms of production. These four young men cultivated a project complementing Dave B’s lyrical mastery as well as his sultry vocals. Every track has a rhythm that’s simple to sway along to, by yourself or with your shorty. Last week, he released the first single, “Sweetest Thing”. This is a dedication to receiving love that leaves you full, a love that feels like flying.

The guitar strums along so sweetly and the bass line is jovial. Along with the bars he’s supplying, Dave backs himself up with vocals and honeyed harmonies. He prepares to share this new love he unlocked within himself with the girl of his dreams.

“Scrolling” is the second track on this EP that details ridding himself of any person or anything that serves no real purpose. When we do this spring cleaning, it often leaves us alienated or alone. This isn’t necessarily detrimental, as you should fill that space with what brings you joy. However, this is substantially easier said than done. Dave B exhibits his lyrical dexterity by switching flows and accurately sketching the picture of aimlessly scrolling through your phone. We all can relate to the time we waste flipping through apps and the abundance of facades that we see displayed.

Nigga thought he was cool, but you really still negro / And know that I had found me way before I had needed you” – Dave B in Scrolling

You can find Pearl on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.