What’s In Connecticut?

The answer to this question for people who aren’t familiar with this small state, is cows and the affluent majority. I, myself, am a native of CT and more specifically, New Haven. We have an increasingly thriving community of art in my city and I hope to shed some light on the talent here. New Haven is home to some of the greatest athletes, actors and activists. However, today I revel in the excitement of introducing you to a gifted young man: Trey Moore.

photo by Destiny Ansah

It was fate that Moore ended up creating music as his parents immersed him in various types from a young age. His father, a bassist and his mother, Lucinda Moore, is an award-winning gospel artist. At the tender age of six, he listened to Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. Even with these influences, he wasn’t typically allowed to listen to secular music at home either. Nonetheless, as he grew older, Moore began to explore more sounds and develop a sound all his own. College was the time when Moore put his talents in a brighter spotlight by performing in school shows. He teamed up with Dave Phoenix, a producer and artist from Hartford; both learning more about themselves and the music they wanted to make.

As is the case with some creative folks, institutions such as college or even the workforce place undue burden on the artist. This was no different for Moore and he made the decision to stop going to school. However, this wasn’t so tough of a choice to make because for him, music provided a space that no institution could match.

“Once I felt like I couldn’t put 100% into what it is I loved, I wasn’t comfortable with that.” – Trey Moore on leaving college

 Half Moon and #BlackBoyJoy

Freedom of expression proved imperative for Moore and Half Moon awarded him that space. His demeanor is stoic with a dash of mystery. He isn’t the type to display grand emotional outbursts or incessantly rant about the inner workings of his mind. He just lets his music speak.

Half Moon is an eight-track EP with two of those being interludes. It released July 21. Moore produced, wrote, and engineered the entire thing. It includes features from his cousins, Chrystal and Shannon, on “Emotional” and “Find Yourself”. We also hear the dulcet sounds of a saxophone played by another New Haven native, Stephen “Gritz” King. Moore spoke to what he believes is #BlackBoyJoy , a phrase coined by Chance The Rapper.

“I was able to grow into a point where I just wanted to express myself in any way that made me happy and I think that’s the true definition of #BlackBoyJoy” – Trey Moore on Black Boy Joy 


Half Moon attests to this notion with Moore laying his heart out over these eight tracks. The production is phenomenal incorporation of 80s synth, R&B, and soul. Let me guide your attention to the lead single, “On The Run”. A song that sounds as if it would score your favorite 80s teen heartthrob movie as the ending credits roll across the screen. The twang of the guitar with the synthesized chords come together euphoniously with Moore’s vocals. We hear influences of James Blake, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), and Frank Ocean. Regardless, Half Moon is entirely Trey Moore and an amazing introduction to the artist and the man who is him. When he isn’t performing, he also DJs and created an event series called The Undrgrnd alongside Destiny Ansah, a photographer and budding producer from Hartford. The Undrgrnd presents multiple DJ sets, local vendors and a welcoming environment for all.

Watch the video for “On The Run” below, filmed by Dave Phoenix. Stay updated with his next appearances on twitter @TreyMooreMusic. Half Moon is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.