Achieving 140k streams throughout the year, helping accumulate millions of streams shortly after, New Jersey duo of Nick Young and Billy Joe Marrero, better known as Epoch Failure, take their act world wide with the release of their ass-kicking new video, “Warrior’s Hymn”.

Inspiring tale that everyone can relate to on any level or battle life throws at us. Playing the protagonist is Nashville MMA star Ashley Burns. Burns delivers hard-hitting fist of fury on the heavy bag as she prepares for her next big fight. Epoch Failure drop motivational words of wisdom to keep your spirits high and continue to fight on.

Epoch Failure on the making of “Warrior’s Hymn”:

“Warrior’s Hymn” follows the inspirational themes that we’ve been putting out since our first single. Musically, we took some elements of the trap music that’s playing on the radio now, and then blended and blurred with other styles to make it our own. The theme addresses that time, in the natural progression of pursuing a goal or dream, when someone comes into their own and starts to realize their worth and full potential. The lyrics are meant to wake up the warrior inside each of us, so we can face the “battles” in our own lives, and go after our dreams. There’s so much satisfaction when you achieve your goals by facing your fears and running the gauntlet. Do things your own way, stay true to yourself, and don’t depend on anyone else.”

“Warrior’s Hymn” is directed by the talent hit-making music video director Patrick Tohill (NR). The new single is another one of Epoch Failure’s undeniable hits throughout 2017. The newcomers show no signs of slowing down as they have announced more singles coming in late 2017.