Taylor Gang Or Die: Laugh now, fly later

Our favorite stoner dropped off his newest mixtape: Laugh Now, Fly Later this morning, at midnight. Wiz Khalifa has been blazing on the scene since 2006 and in the course of 11 years, continued to experiment and evolve. Even so, we can still expect great tunes to spark up to and catch major vibes. Laugh Now, Fly Later falls in line with the rest of his catalog with what I like to call stoner grooves. He takes us through his days and drops morsels of affirmations and reminders to keep grinding for your goals (and grinding weed too).

Depending upon who you ask, some people prefer mixtape Wiz to album Wiz. I predict that many of us will receive this project with open and excited ears. On Nov. 8th he premiered the lead single, “Letterman” on Beats 1 Radio. This speaker knocker was produced by 808 Mafia which means we can expect this to turn up the streets.

Laugh Now, Fly Later only has one feature, Casey Veggies, on the first track which was a nice surprise. We haven’t heard new music from him in about a year, but he floated on Royal Highness. The intro track sets the tone of the entire project and house producer, Sledgren, made it his business to start it out on a good foot. He produced majority of the project, showcasing his versatility with a variety of different sounds and samples. However, Wiz called on Cookin’ Soul for Figure It Out and Justize for Weed Farm” and Stay Focused.”

Wiz Khalifa never fails to bring us music we can play for an assortment of occasions. These stoner grooves are palatable yet fun and satisfying to the ear. Make sure when you press play on this mixtape, you have Mary Jane alongside to enjoy the ride. Laugh Now, Fly Later is available on all streaming services.