“This past year has been extremely hard for me I lost my brother to cancer and went through an extreme depression and creatively I felt trapped with my project being held up due to samples. I lost my way and decided to take initiative by recording and putting together music for my fans all on my own because I felt it was time. Thank you for everyone who has been patient. This is only the beginning…”

The “How Does It Feel” singer, Kamaiyah, took to her Instagram last night (Nov. 7) to announce the release of a relatively surprise mixtape. She teased the release of a follow-up to A Good Night in the Ghetto on twitter by releasing the cover art to her latest project.

Recently, Kamaiyah acknowledged that her debut studio album was set to release in March. Due to delays, her plan is to release back to back projects to make it up to her fans. This appears to be the first.

In anticipation of her album, make sure you stream her latest project, Before I Wake below.