New Jersey native, Retch, is fresh out and he dropped off a new single on Nov. 3rd. Befittingly titled, “First Day Home he broke us off with a nice banger to ease our appetites. For existing Retch fans, we waited a little while to hear some new music after he went to jail in February during his 1Up tour. To those getting acquainted with Retch, let’s take a quick trip through his catalog. If you didn’t already notice, Retch is from the streets. A natural-born hustler whose way with words assist him in bodying any beat.

Polo Sporting Goods was his debut project, released in 2013.  Thelonious Martin produced the entire mixtape, laying down a top-notch blueprint for the structure of it. Laden with soul samples and wavy drum patterns that cater to Retch’s matter-of-fact flow, these two created something truly special. He is a modern-day storyteller and Polo Sporting Goods highlights this attribute favorably. Ab-Soul, Action Bronson and Da$h held down features which complimented the integrity of this project. The most enjoyable part of this mixtape is the lyrical prowess that Retch (and friends) present on each track. It is aging quite well and all of these moving parts created a cohesive debut solo project.

A favorite song of mine: the entire thing. Honestly though, I can’t select just one track that hits the hardest. I will suggest 850 Music (Morimoto Drug Transactions) featuring Bronson because their chemistry is magnetic and the motion of the song remains uninhibited from start to finish.

The Saga Continues…

Finesse The World was his second solo project. A 12 track mixtape consisting of ominous beats and rhymes that synthesized well without one aspect taking over the other. His skills don’t waver as he stays true to self. He spits bars that continue to come for the jugular all the while fashioning a new story via dexterous wordplay. I don’t think this was his strongest efforts but nonetheless, Retch stayed consistent.

However, I do believe this to be his grittiest project and applicably so. Finessing is an art in which not many move skillfully but this isn’t the case for Retch. It is evident that he is no fool and well versed in street smarts but is in no way lacking in knowledge of other sorts. Product of da Block has that classic, ruthless flow we came to love from east coast hip hop. Still holding true his biographic nature, Retch gives us a snapshot into who he is and what made him that way.

A year later, he releases his third solo project. Lean & Neck, very straightforward with a pinch of crass, this mixtape packs massive heat. Retch definitely sipped on mud throughout the entire project and even addressed his addiction to it with Lean Talk. His stories don’t end here but the way in which he tells them switches a bit. The production carries more of a darkness and weight. The vibe of the mixtape incorporates that sluggish, screwed up, H-Town sound paired with his hard-hitting delivery. The mosaic of these different profiles creates the image of an excellent follow up to his sophomore project.

Lean & Neck registers high on the hardcore scale. Personally, I have been a fan of hardcore hip hop since I was young. If that sound is your cup of tea, I suggest you drink up. Take a listen to Shoot-Outs, as it is menacing and oddly appeasing. Similar to the calm before the storm, this track takes you on a ride as a predator and as prey simultaneously.

And now?

We arrive at Nov. 3rd and his latest single, First Day Home. Retch knows how to have a good time and this celebratory track makes sure to include you in the fun. As far as the production goes, it retains that foreboding undertone but rapid hi-hats lighten the mood. Along with a simple drum pattern, First Day Home poses no difficulty in catching the rhythm for a clean bop.

It’s great when a song gives you a dope combination of a heavy hitting beat and bars you can shout at the top of your lungs. That act in itself is a form of freedom, if I must say so myself. What better way to revel in regained freedom than to make a popping song? I expect nothing short of fire from Retch when he releases more music.  We may finally get the 1Up mixtape, we may get a completely new project! Nonetheless, explore his catalog thus far and bump First Day Home on Apple Music.