Supa Bwe is ready to drop more material on us

Chicago’s music scene is an ever-expanding sight and there’s exciting acts to always keep an eye out for. Supa Bwe is one of those acts— an artist who targets his aggression in his music and a leader in his own right—inventive in his initial style of rap.

Supa Bwe is readying his Finally Dead project, which features Saba and Xavier Omär. The project is slated for a Dec. 6 release and will also feature more artists. In anticipation for the project’s December release, Bwe unleashes new Cole Bennett-directed visuals, for the single “I Hate Being Alive.”

“I would call my sound a conglomerate of English ‘fuck you-dystopian punk, Rick James’ cold blooded, ‘I’m going to do my cocaine and smack you about it, and Prince’s ambiguous individuality,” Bwe attributed to his style. “I pull champion traits from champions.”

There’s charisma and integrity that is kept within the new visuals for “I Hate Being Alive.”

“I’m trying to convey that my island is hostile to invaders, so stay away,” Bwe explained. “I’m expressing my disdain towards the labels that inherited through actions misunderstood by those whos opinions shift with the winds. I’m encapsulating the expression ‘if you rob me, you better kill me.”

Supa Bwe Announces new Project Feat. Saba and Xavier Omar, Releases new Cole Bennett-Directed Visual

Photo: Byan Allen Lamb

Chicago-to-Atlanta photographer/filmmaker Byan Allen Lamb took a bold approach with Bwe on the project’s art direction.

Check out Supa Bwe’s visuals below and let us know what you think of it.