Where Brooklyn at?

Some of our most heralded rappers came from Brooklyn and DonMonique sets forth on her path to be included with those heavy hitters. The first time I heard her rap was actually on her debut project, Thirst Trap EP. She channeled vintage Diddy vibes, when he went by Puff Daddy, for the album art. I was intrigued from the cover on its own. It was only right that I took my exploration further. When I pressed play, a smile grew across my face much like the Cheshire Cat. I knew she was about to body every track and come with the heat. However, Thirst Trap EP wasn’t her first step into the scene. She premiered her ‘foot in door’ single, Pilates in 2014. A bop for sure, her flow glides across a lucid beat. She reassures us that her business savvy can “make the work stretch like pilates”.

DonMonique continued to flex her lyrical muscles on Thirst Trap EP on track two, which is a personal favorite of mine. UNTLD ft. World’s Fair’s Remy Banks where we hear the hard-hitting bars from Donmonique like:

shot by Elijah Domonique

Next is what they telling me / Flyest bitch apparently / Told ya I was coming but / Niggas, they wasn’t hearing me”. 

I agree, they weren’t. Regardless of the people who doubted her, they never stopped her grind. Remy Banks comes in on the hook with his easygoing flow.

“Now the whole world lovin’ ya style / Haha, just do your thing shorty”

A seamless collaboration between Brooklyn and Queens, Remy complements her audacious delivery. DonMonique’s confidence is contagious and doesn’t subside at any time throughout this entire project. You can find Thirst Trap EP on her soundcloud.

Black Kate Moss

Since then, she was hard at work touring and writing new music. DonMonique is not only known for her bars but her fashion sense as well. Vintage pieces like Tommy Hilfiger bomber jackets and over-sized Levi Strauss jeans partnered with crop tops or sexy body suits. She mixes streetwear with femininity in her own unique way.

Here we are now, two years later, and the lead single for Black Kate Moss officially hit the internet streets yesterday (Oct. 27). The lead single shares the same name as the EP and DonMonique came ready, locked and loaded.

@micaiahcarter on ig

shot by Micaiah Carter

Ain’t no stunt doubles flipping gripping dollars in the foreign / Got your nigga tipping, stripping why he tell me that you boring!”

Typically, I tend to shy away from comparing new rappers to veterans but I get Foxy Brown vibes all the way through. However, DonMonique’s style is unique to herself and on Black Kate Moss, she talks cash shit to anybody who thinks they aren’t supposed to come correct. The production is powerful and dark to match her guttural voice. She’s kicking in the door, waving the 44 and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this project. You can stream Black Kate Moss on iTunes and Spotify.