Hip-Hop fans get ready. L.I.F.T. (Love in Future Times) is about to turn your world upside down with their distinctly hard-hitting blend of Hip-Hop, Rap, Metal and Punk Rock. Fall in love with them now. Don’t wait until future times.

Today, L.I.F.T is dropping their undeniably kick-ass debut track and video, “DEAD KID$,” a term, they use to describe both themselves and their fans. L.I.F.T’s singular mission is to provide a place for “Dead Kids,” just as bands had done for them when they were growing up, and had nowhere else to run.

A project that was brewing in San Diego’s underground Punk Rock scene for years, L.I.F.T is comprised of Austin Arthur (vocals), Jamaal Smith (drums), Reuben Pearl (electronics), Holden Prine (Bass) and Robert Carter (guitar).

The band’s early demos were highly experimental, and they spent nearly a year and a half in London trying to find their identity. For L.I.F.T, the challenge came with figuring out how to combine the raw energy of a band with the swagger, grooves and lyrics of Hip-Hop.

The concept behind the visuals is to show various places where the band members grew up, frequented and explored around San Diego in the alternative Rock and Pop Punk scene, i.e.; at a restaurant in the neighborhood of City Heights where the band were regulars, various shots along the pier, and the parking lot where the band members remember attending Warped Tour and getting lost in the music. In addition, all of the performance shots were at SOMA where each of the guys grew up playing and attending shows. All of these locations continue to remain places to escape, spots in which one can channel their minds and be happy. Where a “Dead Kid” can come to life…

The band will tell you that a “Dead Kid” is someone who feels isolated and emotionally void, yet finds a remedy in music. According to the members of L.I.F.T, the only reason they are alive today is because of the emotional comfort and sense of belonging they derived from music, as well as the sense of purpose they found by playing in bands. Check out the FXRBES directed visuals, and head over to SoundCloud to keep the track in rotation!