Create The Culture – Create (EP)

Ace, Kaiba, Pascal and bk Fire make up the member of Create The Culture (CTC). The group is preparing their extended play and bring us an exciting new single to get us ready for the release. The group members were best friends for 8 years, throughout high school as well and 8 years later, they are bringing us their creative works.

Create The Culture is Shaping Their own Direction

“Our first experience with recording was with an old USB microphone in Pascal’s basement suite,” the group says in a statement.  “We would freestyle and started experimenting with production through FL Studio, and that was it, We were hooked. From there our journey started; the name CTC as well as our entire identity as a music group was born.”

Listening to their single “On The Road” brings an experimental listen. There’s the distortion of voices and auto-tune leads the way, down a melodic path of sonic waves. “I’ve been on this road, for some time. I don’t know if I’m seeing right, my visions made a blur,” the song strongly rains out.

It’s a fusion of rap and r&b. The group knows where to lay their vocals and bring in the rap verses.

Then, there’s the single “Found My Way,” which is in line with “On The Road,” in terms of the feeling you’ll instantly feel. fROM their music, there’s introspection found in all of the artists. Because of their introspection, there’s the high chance of artistic evolution.

Create The Culture has a plan and focuses on what’s important to them.

“We are all of different backgrounds, born in different countries across the world, with incredibly different back stories, but the same passion for music. Of all places we all ended up in SK, Canada, originally home to neither of us…….why? We think we’ve found our reason why.”

Together for a reason, they strike passion in their craft and continue to grow as artists.