Super Slimey, super early

There’s magic created from an original idea, the concept, it sparks a sense of joy that can not be recaptured ever again, unless comparatively put next to another model. I, myself tend to think that both models, no matter what it is we speak of, lose value and meaning in that moment of compare and contrast. For when we do compare and contrast, we deviate from what we originally think, so it seems. I breathe no air that doesn’t say that’s wrong to do, but for the sake of our enjoyment when it comes to music, there needs to be some grounds. There needs to be some time. It’s okay to use the oven and not the microwave.

Now, before we begin, allow me to state this: I’ll listen to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” happily and shadow the song with J Cole’s “03′ Adolescence.” From that statement, I do my best to declare myself unbiased.

I love HotNewHipHop and Complex but at times, it feels like there’s a need to fish for content from a sea full of wonder. No more than 4 days ago, we received Future and Young Thug’s body of work, Super Slimey. Reminder: no less than 4 days ago. Watch The Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West was released six years ago while What A Time To Be Alive by Future and Drake was released two years ago. Both projects have had time to breathe, stretch and shake their way through clubs, car speakers, households, televisions, radios and through the mind process of all who digested these body’s of work. To compare these body’s is not in good taste, yet.

“So, after living with it over the weekend, do you feel like Super Slimey is a superior project to What A Time To Be Alive? Or is it still too soon to tell?,” HNHH writer Mitchel Findlay wrote. Pointing out factors to why the projects were difficult to compare, perhaps a better question, later down the line, would be ‘did Future perform better on Super Slimey or WATTBA?’

MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 30: (L-R) Drake and Future performing on stage during The Summer Sixteen Tour at AmericanAirlines Arena on August 30, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage)

But yes, too soon. Newborn to a toddler. We have to allow the newborn time to get accustomed to life.
Arguably, and barely, I can’t see many saying Super Slimey is better than Watch The Throne anyway, as WTT won 9-4 when doing a track-by-track comparison on Complex by Angel Diaz. Watch The Throne was meticulous in planning, conceptually dynamic and took much-needed time to record. Also, it’s an album so the level of seriousness is quite up there in rank. Then, there’s WATTBA and Super Slimey, comparatively, both a mixtape and both done in a short span of time. These two projects may be more suited for the head-to-head competition. BUT, that’s not to be a conversation held at the moment.


Allow Super Slimey to breathe. Allow new emotions to take place within your life. “Group Home” may hit you differently tomorrow than it did today. Let’s give it Time—to find out and see—then, maybe, we can go back and ask “which was better?”
Not only do I remain unbiased in any of these arguments, all creations deserve a chance in the spotlight without such early comparison. Let that shit breathe. I would have enjoyed both articles on both respected sites had they been published during a later time.