A dream of his since five, RCA recording artist Rob $tone has made rapping into a career and is ready to show what’s he’s been working on for more than a half a year. Don’t Wait For It (DWFI) is Rob’s new album and he’s excited for his fans and new listeners to put their ear to a speaker.

“Don’t Wait For It means don’t wait for anything,” Rob tells us. “Don’t wait to find happiness, don’t wait to get burned by the fire to know it’s hot, don’t wait for me to blow up to act like you always fucked with me, don’t wait on anything. It’s a universal meaning. I want people to put their own meaning to it after they listen and connect with me through the music.”

Rob $tone Talks Album Process, Writer's Block and More With BLUNTIQ

photo: ss1rsuave

Joining the San Diego native on his 15-track album is Meechy Darko (featured on lead track “Little Piggy, produced by Zaytoven), J. Davi$, Malik Burgers, Cash Passion, Gucci Mane, Thommed Cruz and more. It’s a body of work that Rob has been working on since the top of the year and once he found a genuine gate to drive through, he continued at full speed.

“I’ve been working on DFWI since like January of 2017. It didn’t have a name or artistic direction at first, I was just building my library and trying to make music that was real. I found the artistic vision and name for the project, Don’t Wait For It, in like July.” 

Whether you’ve been working on something for one month or one year, the process doesn’t always come easy. With that occurring, it’s important to take it easy on yourself. It’s okay to walk away from a project and gain new perspective grounds and energy. This is exactly what Rob did when he had to.

“Yeah definitely [have writer’s block]. I never rush a song. I will stop a song in the middle of recording if I’m not feeling it. It’s all about vibe and connection with the sounds.” 

$tone is all about connecting his music with his true vision and he does so while strongly representing the West Coast, San Diego, to be exact. Each song on the album is different in tone and follows Rob’s instinct to go along with what feels right.

If you’re going off introduction of the album alone (“Black Man 4x”), you’ll be surprised when you reach a track like “Uncle Ben.”

Don’t Wait For It. Don’t wait for anything.