Today we’re excited to premiere Maine artist B Aull‘s music video for “Hold Up!” and “Oh Me Oh My“. With an apparent eclectic taste in beats and bouncy flows, B Aull’s lyrical and melodic ability shines through on this video, directed by Zachary Greaton.

B Aull had this to say about the video and what’s to come:

“Over the summer, I worked on and dropped these two songs, and feel as though they’re a step in a new direction for me. Originally the plan was to shoot a video for Oh Me Oh My only, but when we got to the location for the video there was this big open space with dope graffiti that we weren’t going to use.

So I said to Zach [the director], “Yo before we do anything for Oh Me Oh My, let’s just shoot something real quick for the first half of Hold Up!” I had a feeling they’d mesh well for a joint video.
Next week I’ll be dropping probably my favorite song of mine to date, it’s called “The Feeling.” It’s super bouncy. I love to dance, so I needed something I could get groovy to on stage. In the months to come, I’ll be dropping songs and videos frequently, and early 2018, be on the lookout for a full project.”
As one of Maine’s most promising artists on the come up, we look forward to seeing what’s next. Check out the video for “Hold Up!” and “Oh Me Oh My” above.