GoldLink’s “Crew” still going up

GoldLink’s single Crew features Maryland native Brent Faiyaz and D.C.’s own Shy Glizzy. Together, they came together for the track that was released on Dec. 16 of 2016. Although released in the winter, the song’s ascension became flawless for the transition from spring to summer. As we’re in the midst of the fall season, the track still rises to popular reaches.

On Oct. 13, GoldLink’s “Crew” single officially went platinum. Released under his label RCA, it’s a standout track on GoldLink’s At What Cost album.

For GoldLink, the song still doesn’t define the man and his craft; his music will take you on a journey. Still venturing with him, you’ll find he’s capable of just about everything when it comes to sonically putting together a solid piece of work.

The music video for “Crew” begins in the neighborhood of Cheverly, MD—Town Park is where the crew hangs and has been a hangout spot for many of the city. From Cheverly Day, basketball,   hanging with friends and occasional adolescent dates, it was the spot to be and GoldLink takes us there in the music video for “Crew.”

“Crew” is the track that has gone platinum, but it will be exciting to see what GoldLink delivers upon next. He’s much more than this single, but it’s still one hell of a jam.