If you’re a fan of A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, or fashion in general, you’ve most likely heard of the Brand, Comme des Garcons. The Japanese- based brand has been a staple of fashion and hip hop culture for quite some time, making its heart- shaped logo easily recognizable by people across the globe. Jopippins and Renzo Suburbn use this symbol, along with the French title (translated to English as “like boys”) to describe how they are maturing past their peers who seem to be stuck in the past. The lines in the chorus “I wear my heart on my sleeve, just cause it’s all that I know/ Turned to a man, all of my friends are Comme des Garcons” references the brand, using it as a symbol for their personalities and current situation. Is it a coincidence that the founder of a new clothing company would use the name of a fashion brand as the title of one of his songs? Probably not, the two Culdesac members have done this before on “Boring Life”. Along with it being a good metaphor, the use of a fashion brand as a song title could be used to prepare the audience for Boring Life’s first clothing release, set to drop in Spring/ Summer 2018 (via boringlife.us). If you like this song and want to hear more from jo and Renzo, you can look forward to their collaborative project “josuburbn” set to arrive “before 2018” according to jopippins. “We’re doing our best to create a sound for North Carolina. There’s a lot of incredible artists here who have styles borrowed from different places. I feel like josuburbn is going to set the tone and allow us to pioneer our own sound”, said Renzo when asked about the project. While we’re still waiting for an official release date, you can prepare for josuburbn by listening to “Comme des Garcons” and familiarizing yourself with jopippins and Renzo Suburbn’s music.