Dima Kash – All Night

Russian Artist Dima Kash Releases new Single, "All Night"

Dina Kash’s artistic ability is colder than the state he’s from. The Minnesota artist delivers new “All Night” single. Featuring King Wayz, the track will take you through a dark and fun journey.

“All night, all the time I’m on my grind,” the chorus delivers over a trap-like production. Kash displays his lyricism and his work ethic. Thus far, the single has touched over 15,000 plays on SoundCloud and that number will likely continue to grow as time moves forward. This is not the first time Kash has seen numbers spike this high. In March of this year, Kash’s “Can’t Breathe” track reached over 2 million plays on Spotify.

Not only is Kash a rapper, he’s a songwriter, artist and studio owner. With Kash growing up learning to work for everything he wants, this helped fuel his ambition for life. As a teenager, Kash would often find himself in trouble. Through music, he found an escape and way into another world; escapism. Escaping, Kash would begin writing through his early teen years.

Kash’s first album was released just last year Vibe With Me and he just followed up that release with Kash Over Everything.

From leaving home at 17 and working 72 hours a week to support himself and his dreams to joining the army, Kash’s past has shaped him to be the man he is today.