A Boogie and Montreality chop it up

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s new debut album will be available this Friday. The Biggest Artist will be A Boogie’s welcome into the industry, in full that is. He isn’t a stranger to this industry and he details more about his backing during his interview with Montreality.

Kodak Black and A Boogie came together for a banger titled “Drowning” which can be found on Kodak’s Painting Pictures album. A Boogie also has a ton of tracks with PnB Rock.

“I think me and PnB Rock got that type of chemistry, I think we can go back and forth at it and make a real dope album,” A Boogie said. “I feel like me and Kodak Black would make a good tape or album together, that’ll be a bodybag. Atlantic Records picked up the dopest artists.”

A Boogie realized that his potential is well pass any ceiling. He’s had some heavyweights reaching out to him and that helped him maximize his growth.

“Diddy reached out, Khaled reached out, a lot of people reached out. JAY Z was the only person who didn’t reach out to sign me when everybody was looking to sign me. I always dreamed of something like that, that was one of my goals, but after a while I had to wake up and realize I could become bigger than that. I could follow his footsteps and be as big as him, I could do it a whole different way and be as big as him.”

Check out the full interview below.