Offset is raising $500,000 for cancer research and prevention

“You ni**as don’t even know I got some pain in me (pain in me)
Missing my grandma, wish she could sing to me (grandma),” Offset said on Migos‘ track “Commando.” It’s one of the many lines in a song Offset has dedicated to his Grandmother, Sallie Ann Smith, who died of bladder cancer in 2012.

Offset has teamed up with American Cancer Society to raise $500,000 for cancer prevention, research and to help those in “underserved communities.”

“It was really tough losing my grandma to cancer and one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my life,” Offset said in a statement to American Cancer Society. “She motivated me to do my best and go for it; one of my biggest coaches.”

Offset’s mom, Latabia Woodward couldn’t be more proud of her son.

“Losing a loved one to cancer is devastating, and we need to continue to help educate our communities about early detection and screening guidelines,” she said. “I am incredibly proud of Offset’s desire to help save the lives of others, genuine heart, and talent as an artist.”