joppins is a 19 year old artist, producer, and guitarist from Charlotte, NC. Jopippins started playing the guitar around age 7 because his parents were always playing Prince and Jimi Hendrix, he then began rapping and producing about 2 years ago.

Joppins currently goes to school at NC State University and that’s where most of his performances are at. He is majoring in entrepreneurship with a double minor in computer programming and arts entrepreneurship and he is a member of “Culdesac” a collective of other rappers and producers who go to NCSU. His new self produced album “Vacation Never Ends” is out now and it features “Lovesick” and “Get Away from Me!!” , along with the lead single “Tattoos”

Watch jopippins’ music video for “Tattoos”

jopippins also runs a clothing company/website called Boring Life and that’s where his content and the content from other people in his collective usually post their music.