Ash Riser: One of a kind

Ash Riser’s indie release of GHOSTS was a release that set him apart from everyone. It’s not as if he weren’t already separated, but his ability to bend genres and make a sound of his own— it provides a sonic experience that is like no other; truly one of a kind.

It’s been quite the journey for the former TDE music-assisting genius; he’s shaped into his own artistry. The 14-track album will surprise you and also leave you satisfied. There’s a lot of hours that go into the craft of this man’s body of work.

I had the opportunity to talk to Ash about his creative process and how he feels about being the underdog in the industry.

BLUNTIQ: During the process of creating GHOSTS, what challenges did you face? If any.

ASH: I’ve focused a lot on the negative things that happened during the process of “GHOSTS”, so it stops me from talking about the magic that was in the room. The energy everyone brought to the table was immaculate and so authentic, it’s hard to put into words. Artistically, I really honed in on a sound I felt was most natural, and reconnected with a side of myself, creatively, that had been missing for years. That challenge in itself of really being true to yourself and your craft, and not caring about sales or numbers, even really outside opinions (to an extent) is liberating. It’s also really to get lost in and easy to become somewhat jaded about the dream of being a “rockstar” or even a “success”‘a reality.

Ash has always struck me as the type of person that doesn’t feed into the hype of sales or even demanding the attention of a crowd. His following has been loyal and they stick with him. Those that are just tuning in, you can see what channel he remains in and doesn’t change for anything or anyone. For the sake of his art, he remains true and in his own right, a creative genius.

BLUNTIQ: Underdog: How do you feel about that title? Do you think that fits how you maneuver through the industry?

ASH: It’s all perception, based on the eyes of the beholder. I don’t put that handicap in my mental, people just haven’t caught on yet by the masses, that’s fine. Takes time.

The evolution of Ash, if you’re unfamiliar, has been one to watch—bold and risk taking and showing no resistance to the ever-changing industry shift. Music rapidly floods the gates of emails, blogs and the online listener’s feed of social media, but there has to be a round of applause for the artists that put their blood, sweat and tears into their craft.

Speaking with Ash earlier last year, he was a ghostly inspiration of how to let creativity flow. Running on little sleep, he finished his project HOME.

“Bout to drink hella water and tell my girl to get the kid some Red Bull,” he responded to me after a long session with his engineer. “Had to find the ‘adult and responsible healthy methods,” he finished our conversation with.

That was exactly a year ago and his work ethic still shines through.