Jay Hunna – Good Ol’ Music

Life is hectic and we always search for escapism. Some of search for it in movies, events or music. For Jay Hunna, coming from the south side of Chicago, he just wants some “Good Ol’ Music.”

For Jay’s new single “Good Ol’ Music,” he brings us a music video that matches the vibe and pitch that was given in the track. We see him going through crates as he raps about going through adolescence to adult hood—listening to everything from Jackson 5 to Jay Z’s Blueprint album while walking home from school.

We’re in a different state of hip-hop. “Mumble Rap” is a genre and many people do not approve of it, but then again, it’s hard to deny the success of the artists that fit the mold of the genre. Jay Hunna is definitely an artist to remind you of the feel-good music that syncs in well with the emotions that you’re currently feeling.

Growing up, Jay was exposed to many genres, which makes up who he is an artist toys.

“Good music translates in all languages. It creates a feeling of happiness and joy in most people, so I just want to reach every language and give them that experience,” Jay says in a statement.

Jay’s Better Days project is due out this coming Friday (Sept. 8).

Chicago Artist Jay Hunna Reminisces on "Good Ol' Music" Single/Video