I remember meeting Farri through the gates of the internet back in early 2016. He went by the name TofYoungGods at the time and had a song with Lil Yachty. I believe the song was titled “What’s My Name” and it was dropped exclusively by DJ Nick Marino. I shared the track with various people and I wasn’t too mixed in with what FaRRi was doing at the time, only because he didn’t have a site (specifically I asked for SoundCloud) where his production was.

He eventually made a SoundCloud and it felt like everything started happening quickly for him. Now 18 years of age, FaRRi has already chosen his path, a path that begun in the 6th grade but didn’t take it serious until high school.

I interviewed Farri over a year ago, when his moniker was TofYoungGods and was heavily mentored by Chris Fresh of 808 Mafia. Now in 2017, there’s more behind Terrius’ grind.

I caught up with the 18-year-old producer to see what he’s working on next.

He’s produced plenty of music with Ricky Racks and most of those beats went to Offset, which FaRRi told me low-key that the “tape is coming soon.”

“I linked up with Ricky Racks through twitter and from then on out, we just started collaborating on production,” Farri told us. “Yeah, me and Racks have a lot production together but right now, I’m more focused on my own.”

As far as moving into more music with others, he does have a fair share of work that hasn’t surfaced just yet.

“I got a lot upcoming music with everybody,” he said. “I can’t really speak on too much but me and Offset have a record with 21 [Savage]. That shit is [fire]. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

TofYoungGods was a name that stuck with Terrius for some time. However, it wasn’t meant to last.

“I just felt like that name wasn’t for me and I just felt like it’ll get overlooked, so I came up with Farri. It’s more simple and easier to understand.”

Farri is in a transition period, which isn’t bad. The South Carolina-to-Atlanta artist has a lot on his plate and soon we will see what comes from his labor; we want fruit for Farri.