As I watch my favorite show from VICELAND, ‘The Therapist’ I find myself learning who I am from watching what these artists have to say about their experiences and Ongoing problems they face. Previously I wrote a piece on how I found the beauty in being a “Sad Genius” and prior to that how difficult it was to be satisfied, or content. Being a sad genius became a blessing but as I watch these episodes and realize all creatives struggle with what I thought was a “Sad Genius” I learned that it isn’t.

We constantly strive for more and more and never find satisfaction in what we think is supposed to be the ultimate dream but that’s not what we’re chasing. The chase comes with wanting to be happy. We don’t seem to realize how attainable it truly is because we’re blindsided by the idea of what it should be. Eventually that turns into wasted time trying to understand that ultimately it is not about living “the dream” but finding personal success and peace within yourself. Being that everyone’s idea of success is different it makes sense.

Personal Success is about being happy with who you are it will never be about how much money is in your bank account, what car you drive or where you live. If it’s genuine, I believe it’ll be about our personal efforts in finding the happiness in our peace. I feel personally as long as I am experiencing things that make me happy, living for my purpose and doing what it takes to make sure I am progressing; I am complete. I feel we idolize the wrong things for the wrong reasons. We never truly learn from it until it is too late. The problem is we don’t take the time to understand what works for us and where our issues lie that constantly make us feel unsteady or anxious, looking for what’s next. Living in the moment and finding the beauty in that should be the focus and not so much the distraction. The success is discovering the importance of being who you are, exactly where you are! Success is yours if you truly want it to be.